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Video Ad Samples - Samples of Video Ads.


Forest - Videos of Forest Scenes.


Tree Climb - Videos of drone rising in the forest.


Fields - Videos of fields.


Waves - Videos of lake waves.


Water Fog - Look for the magically appearing ship and the trained swan.


Ponds - Videos of lush ponds.


Talent - Choices of talent for your project (and human emojies. :)


Music - Samples of copy right free music you can choose.


Sounds - Samples of copy right free background sounds.


Services - Extra services to help out your project.


Free Web Pages - Can be linked anywhere.

(1st month free, then $2.00 per mo. web hosting)



All above is to be updated weekly.

To create your own Venture Clip Ad you just choose scenes from our video stock library in the order you want them to appear.

Supply us with the images you want to appear in the scenes.

You will also supply us highlights about the product or service that you want your customers to know about.

We supply you a proof and when approved send you the video.

You can then link it to your web site, Pinterest, Facebook, Etsy and your own free web page here and use in trade shows.



You can get your video and one music/sound track plus one of your images and description all edited together for

$99.00 plus tax.

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